Finding the Lost Kingdom of Navin

LA-based film reviewer Jeff Bane meets Navin Party Chairman and CEO of Navin Production Co., Ltd. Navin Rawanchaikul at his Chiang Mai headquarters and learns of the urgent search for the lost Kingdom of Navin that will be the subject of his upcoming quasi-documentary action-adventure Lost Kingdom of Navin.


Thai director Navin Rawanchiakul is impatient for me to finish my noodles as he stirs with excitement of telling me about his new project...


Just as the story is beginning to unravel itself Navin is already charging forward with the production of movie billboards for Lost Kingdom of Navin. "I want to test out how the story can tell itself," Navin says, as he motions for us to leave. Later in his studio where painters, sculptors, fashion designers, and writers are busy at work, he tells me that adventurers and archeologists from around the world have been stirred by rumours of the veracity of an ancient medallion he recently received from decorated Lamphun based Thai artist Inson Wongsam. One night in the winter of 1962 a tribal elder gave Inson the medallion as he was making his way through the mountains of Baluchistan. A National Artist of Thailand, Inson recently discovered that part of the inscription read "Navin" in an ancient script he thought to be related to Sanskrit. Other markings give signature signs of the medallion being from a kingdom that has been lost to history.


Taking me to a cozy room in the high security, New Projects: Research and Development area, Navin explained how in the summer of 2007 a private meeting he had with art connoisseur and adventurer Enrico Navarra at a mountain complex in the French Riviera regarding the medallion and the possible lost kingdom was infiltrated by a spy. "That is how the rumours got out. Now, people all over the world are setting up expedition teams to find the kingdom and possibly pillage it! It’s a crisis," Navin said with a tone that let me know he was still irritated at my slow eating. “The Navin Party has put together an elite expeditionary team, and despite the situation we will get there first. We must. Navin heritage is at stake!” With that he wished me well, requested my cooperation as he hurried me to the door. As I made my way to the nearest taxi stand, Navin and gang charged passed on horse back! They were surely on their way to find the lost Kingdom of Navin.


(Published in Navin’s Sala)

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