Navinland Cinema, 2008

Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai, India


For Navin Rawanchaikul's first ever exhibition in India, Navinland Cinema featured selected works by Navin Production that focused on the Navin Party project, an ongoing series that has developed collaboratively between Navin and Canadian Tyler Russell. The first major Navin Party project was Navins of Bollywood, a Bollywood-style short musical film directed by Mumbai-based Director Naren Mojidra. First shown as part of the 2006 IMF and World Bank Board of Governors Meeting cultural programme and since been part of exhibitions in several countries, this was the first time the film was brought back to India. The presentation also included Quotations from Comrade Navin bust and print series as well as coming soon Imagine Nabin billboard painting. The centrepiece of the exhibition, Lost Kingdom of Navin is a movie painting featuring people and works from Indian modern and contemporary art. Not just artists, but also critics, collectors, gallerists, advertisers and auctioneers, are composed as movie stars who joined the Navin Party cadre in the search for the "Lost Kingdom of Navin", which is thought to lie somewhere to the boarder of India and China.


Navinland Cinema also featured Inson Wongsam, Navin's mentor and a National Artist of Thailand, who has continually played an important role in Navin Production's episodes since the 1999 Fly with Me to Another World. In this new chapter, Inson gave Navin an old medallion, which was believed to belong to the lost tribe called Navin. As an extension of Navins of Bollywood, a 48-page comic Who is Navin? was created. The comic melded Navin's biography and his Bollywood adventure into a new mysterious search. The multiplex exhibition also launched a life-size fibreglass sculpture of Navin riding on a painted scooter. Parallel to the previous version of Inson Wongsam and his famous Lambretta scooter that was released in 2000, this new version of Navin Production's scooter reaffirmed that the legend must be continue.


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