Treated, Ozonated and Bottled, 1994

Critical Stream, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand

The first time that Navin Production came into existence, the company's first product was to bottle and sell polluted river water from the Mae Kha River in Chiang Mai. Labelling the bottles with a head shot of company founder and CEO, the bottled water was sold by Navin and former Sales Manager Kosit Juntaratip wearing custom made aprons, from a refrigerator beside the riverbank campus of Thammasat University in Bangkok. A part of an exhibition titled Critical Steam, they only sold the water to females as the Thai word for water is a derivative for the word for female. The work contained an obvious environmental message, but it was also a playful paradox of the drinking water being undrinkable. Delivering art as a mass product but at the same instance something completely useless, Navin Production pondered if there is no value in the art, then what is art's meaning.    



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