Fly with Me to Another World, 2004-05

Hariphunchai National Museum, Lamphun, Thailand

After exhibiting variants of the Fly with Me to Another World series throughout Europe and Japan, the exhibition was brought back to Inson Wongsam's hometown in Lamphun, a historical city in northern Thailand. The project was realised by the collaboration of individuals and organisations under the name Fly with Me to Another World Project Team accompanied by Navin Production. The small Lamphun Museum had never shown contemporary art before but they gave a space up for the whole year to house the fibreglass model of young Inson on his scooter besides the comprehensive installation of billboard painting and other elements referring to Inson's life. Over the course of a year, the project team initiated several workshops involving the local community and young artists as well as visiting art professionals from aboard. There were a variety of media projects using film, fashion and the like. The project culminated in February 2005 with the Public Art In(ter)vention Symposium bringing together a number of international art and community related professionals, with a second volume of Fly with Me to Another World book produced in conjunction. A year later, the Public Art In(ter)vention book was realised through the collaboration of symposium panellists and guest contributors.



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